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We Specialize in Shared Use Commercial Kitchen Space

State of Art facility that meets all compliance requirements set by the City of Philadelphia Health Department

Our Story

Kitchen Korners is a multi-purposeful food contractor business seeking to support the culinary professional. Besides offering facilities management and the ability to serve food contracts; Kitchen Korners also offers a shared-use commercial kitchen facility where local entrepreneurs, caterers, and instructors can prepare and process their food products for the consumer market or hold cooking classes and demonstrations.

Kitchen Korners
Kitchen Korners

Our Values

We hold ourselves, the relationships we build, and the products we deliver to the highest standards of quality. These values represent the core of who we are and what we do every day.

  • Be honest and ethical.

  • Embrace teamwork, collaborations, diversity, and communication.

  • Be a community, industry, and corporate leader.

  • To provide a clean kitchen environment that is both clinical and eco-friendly.


Integrating form with function, the design team has pushed the boundaries of architectural and mechanical design to build an efficient commercial kitchen out of garage space.


Forward-thinking is the foundation of the Kitchen Korners concept. Combining the latest in food equipment technology, with multi-media/promotional services; Kitchen Korners seeks to empower culinary businesses seeking to connect with wider audiences.

Kitchen Korners
Kitchen Korners

What happens next?

We are now accepting applications from Catering Companies, Culinary Entrepreneurs as well as food processors that are in need of commercial kitchen space. If you are interested, please complete the membership survey.